Hopeless, Tired, Giving up...

Do you feel this way. Hopeless, so tired you can't think, just want to give up? This leads to separation and divorce. I understand because I have felt this. I have had the sleepless nights where I held a bottle of pills in my hand and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I have fantasized about what it would be like to be single and not have to deal with this sex issue. I have thought it would be better for my husband to have a fresh start with someone else who didn't have my problems. I have felt such despair I thought I was going to choke or suffocate with the weight of it.

But...somehow I clung to hope. I kept praying.

...the sleepless nights passed
...I focused on my husband and not escape
...I focused on my changes no matter how small - not my failures
...I got help during times I felt helpless (therapy, diet, exercise, church, friends, supplements, medication, etc.)

Please hang on because after 15 years of marriage I can say, "hope lives!" I love my husband more than when I married him. I desire him sexually now more than when I married him. I feel connected and safe with him and love to touch and enjoy him. I am so grateful for God's hand on me during those dark hours. If you are there and don't know how to cling to God like I did - write us - share here and let someone help you find a way. We care and we understand.