Is it About Sex or Are We Just Not Meant to Be Together?

Sex is a core issue in marriage. It touches every place in you and your husband. While every issue is not about intercourse it will be related to intimacy. If you are already married then you were meant to be married and the next step is to build or re-build intimacy in your relationship. You may have lost something in the business and stress of life or you may never have had it to begin with.

I married my husband without ever knowing true desire. I went through the motions of what I thought a wife should do. This lasts for a time but when facades start to crumble and things don't go according to plan you being to think maybe we made a mistake. Had I acted on this thought I would have missed out on the best relationship of my life. I think the 50% or more of couples who choose to divorce/move on will never experience the completeness and satisfaction in having a spouse you truly love and know intimately. Had we not done the work to save our marraige and relationship we would never have learned to communicate and invest time and energy into each other they way we do now. AND IT IS SO WORTH IT!

If you are contemplating separation or divorce for any reason other than abuse - start looking for help and solutions in new areas. If he/she doesn't want to participate at first do it yourself. Go to the therapist yourself. Read the books yourself. Start changing how you think about him/her now. Start changing how you act toward him/her now. Don't be discouraged because the end result is better than the work and struggle to get there. Be brave and courageous and when it is hard to keep going - talk to us. Share here because we understand and we care about saving your marriage.