Something's Broken - In Him or Her?

What are you feelings when you think of your spouse desiring you sexually. Do you feel dirty, guilty, used, even unloved. How does it make you feel when your spouse wants you sexually all the time? Do you feel misunderstood? Do you even think there may be something wrong with your spouse that they desire sex so much?

Let me present something you may not think about. In this world made up of almost 6 billion people with all the choices in your spouses life. All the other attractive people that cross their path each day at work, at school, at church - they desire you. The want you so passionately - they want to be close to you each and every day. They could look another way but they choose you. They choose you!

So what really is the problem here. Is it that your spouse desires you so much there is something wrong with them or is it that your spouse's desire makes you feel uncomfortable. If there is an issue with your spouse wanted too much sex, let them deal with that issue - you start with you. Start with exploring why you feel misunderstood, guilty, undesireable. Why you don't feel responsive when he/she desires you. Why when you are desired so much you feel uncomfortable in that role. Talk to a counseler, talk here on our forum and don't assume something is broken in your spouse, start with yourself first. Also, allow yourself to feel joy that in a world of millions of strangers you are wanted and desired intimately by someone on a daily basis.