Sex Help Videos - Learning Teaching Studying Sex

In life we spend 12 to 20 years in school studying history, math, and science yet how much of the time do we spend learning about sex?

Sex is the one of the top three most important areas in a marriage and yet we are largely uneducated about it. When I told my wife I wanted to try out a few learning videos we both did not know what to expect. We both didn't want porn we wanted to learn better techniques and specifically how to have painless sex.

We wanted to see what others were doing and try new ideas of pleasing one another. I strongly recommend the Better Sex series by Sinclair. All the videos are done by doctors with committed couples and are very informative. Our goal was not arousal but mainly to understand things we were doing and try new ways of enjoying sex. If a partner is shy or unsure about watching the video you can agree to allow them to watch it alone first. This can greatly ease the tension of the unknown. Another benefit of videos is that it opens up communication. Watching someone do something on screen can make it easier to discuss and less scary to try something new. Every couple has to gauge what their comfort level is with videos. We found it to be a great tool in understanding and opening lines of communication between us.