Impotence - What It Is and When to Get Help.

Impotence simply put is an erection problem where a man has the inability to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for a man to have intercourse. You may have trouble getting an erection or during sex you may have trouble maintaining an erection. There are various reasons why this occurs and they may be both physically and psychologically rooted. Many if not most men experience erectile dysfunction at some time or another. Poor health, lack of exercise, stress, anxiety and fatigue are some reasons why some experience ED. I used to group premature ejaculation with erectile dysfunction but the two are separate issues and must be treated separately.
They say the mind is our greatest sex organ and can help or hurt your sexuality. In my case I believe my erectile dysfunction revolved around poor self image when it comes to sex. I had a low sexual self esteem. I saw myself as not a good lover and in our marriage as undesirable. I had a strong sex drive I just felt very negative about myself and my sexuality. This was my emotional hurdle and for a time I did turn to Viagra to give me the ability just to have sex but that did not fix the emotional issues. This is a work in progress through prayer, counseling and a better understanding of myself and my wife. I am feeling more confident about my desireability and sexuality. For more in-depth information about impotence take a look at Web MD’s site.